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Benefitting from the collaboration with our partner industries, we are committed to delivering meticulous attention to your specific part/component. This personalized approach guarantees that your project will receive the utmost care from the industry within our consortium that possesses the most fitting expertise. Our well-established network ensures that your needs are matched with the ideal manufacturing unit, ensuring precision and excellence throughout the production process

Quality Assurance & Control

Global ENGINEERING diligently adheres to quality guidelines provided by the customer, encompassing material specifications, dimensional accuracy, functional performance, surface finish, and fitment testing of parts. Each phase of product development and process design is seamlessly integrated with our quality assurance procedures. Our in-house tooling and computer-aided design (CF designing) facilities distinguish us from the competition.

Moreover, our commitment to quality is evident in the implementation of stringent controls at every stage. Gauges, checking fixtures, instruments, and inspection sheets are utilized to regulate each process, ensuring the highest standards are maintained

Core Competence

Our expertise lies in precision manufacturing, encompassing CNC/Conventional machining, Sheet Metal/Press works, Fabrication/Assembly, and Heat/Surface treatment. Additionally, we boast a CAD-CAM equipped Tools and Dies Shop.

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陈克里 (Chen Ke Li)

Director Sales China.

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马德 (Ma de)

Manager Sales China.

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